Gabriele Lehnen
, born 1962 at Cologne.

Vision: Creating a field of joy.

Personal task: inspiring other people to unleash their potential.


– Mediator – member of „German foundation of mediation“

– Authorized process consultant of the program “UnternehmensWert: Mensch”

– Gestalt therapist (depth psychology-based)

– Psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner

– Professor

– Keynote Speaker

– Founder of  – Training

– Co-founder VLI-Gestalt-Coach®

– Systemic / Gestalt Therapeutic Process Companion

– Large and foreign trade clerk

Since 1999 independent practice for Gestalt therapy (single and couple therapy), VLI-Gestalt-Coaching®, Long Ku® – Training and Supervision.

Focus: perception / awareness training, finding potential

15 years in various international corporations (for example Sony, Casio, Brown-Forman-Worldwide).

  • since 2021        Development of a training concept for the Long Ku – System Mind Training
  • since 2021        temporarily working at the Nescure Private Clinic, Bad Bayersoien
  • since 2019        Member of „German Foundation Mediation“
  • since 2017        Authorized process consultant of the enterprise value program: Mensch
  • since 2013        Gabriele Lehnen – training, education and certification Long Ku – Training
  • 2007               Development of the Long Ku – Training – focus: finding potential
  • since 2006        corporate coaching – focus: inspiration, self-responsibility / self-leadership
  • 2002 – 2012   Foundation and management of the Voss-Lehnen-Institute together with Bernhard Voss.
    • 2005: Joint development of a training concept with Bernhard Voss for holistic, systematic process support based on Gestalt therapy
    • 2002: Joint development of a training concept with Bernhard Voss to become a certified VLI Gestalt Coach®, a synthesis of the basics of Integrative Gestalt Psychotherapy and goal-oriented coaching techniques

  • Shiatsu (Dr. Wilfried Rappenecker)
  • CranioSacral Therapy (Upledger Institute & Hugh Milne)
  • Story Telling & Acting (Scharlatan Theater, Julian Fernandez & Stage School Hamburg)
  • Keynote Speaker (ASGODOM LIVE®)
  • Dharma practice (Dalai Lama 14th, Gyalwang Karmapa 17th, Sonia Moriceau)