“Relationship skills”

As an experienced top assistant / employee, you will encounter different people, interests and expectations every day.

In this seminar you will learn to use psychological tools to tailor your behavior to different people and situations. So you quickly recognize and solve unnecessary tension and conflicts. They promote effective work and a productive working environment.


Improve communication and repartee skills

  • Perception & Projection
  • Giving and revceiving feedback


  • Engaging your conversation partners completely
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Relaxed and convincing communication in every situation

The psychology of language

  • Using the power of language
  • The secret of diplomacy
  • Formulating unpleasant things into words

Relationship skills

  • Using emotional intelligence for yourself
  • Dealing with conflicts and stressful situations in an authentic and reflected manner
  • Character dynamics in the workplace: How difficult cooperations succeed
  • Staying aware and on top of your game with psychological skills

Target group

Experienced assistants and staff


Trainer input, practical exercises, short presentations based on your case studies, role playing, self-reflection, feedback


Seminar documents, meals during the seminar, certificate

For information regarding the prices and dates of the seminar, please contact me personally – I will be happy to advise and clarify with you in a free discussion what is important for your business, to provide you with a tailor made quote.

Dates: By telephone agreement (also possible on weekends)

Investition: Individual offers and prices on request.