COUPLE-TRAINING, Germany & Hawaii

The couple-training is suitable for couples who are already on a common path and have the desire for common development / healing / growth.

I would be happy to discuss with you in a personal conversation whether a psychotherapy or a Long Ku® – Training will be more beneficial for you.


  • Clarification of stressful situations
  • Permanent development
  • The full use of one’s own potential
  • Clarity about own values

Dates: By telephone agreement (also possible on weekends)

Investment Long Ku® – Training: 150 EUR / 60 Min. (plus the VAT currently valid)

Investment Psychotherapy150 EUR (this proceeds are tax-free in accordance with paragraph 4, point 14, USTG), Deep-psychologically sound

Design your exclusive couple training at Oahu, Hawaii.

Individual offers and prices on request.