Long Ku Training

The original word ‘Longh-kù‘ comes from the Tibetan language and means:

“Clear and free mind that experiences a state of supreme joy from the level of fearlessness and the wealth of possibilities.”

Longku Zentrum Bern – Center for Tibetan Buddhist Studies and www.fpmt.ch

is a holistic, interactive, true-to-life training of the thoughts and the attitude towards life developed by myself. The training consists of Gestalt therapy, Buddhist wisdom, and mourning (e.g., letting go of old habits and beliefs).

The training serves to explore and experience the truth, which has influenced our own thoughts and outlook on life (as “ICH”-phantom and an unbounded life story). In this life story many beliefs have emerged, which often hinder the development of existing potentials.

“He who seeks, finds,” but only that which he seeks! So he seeks his own ideas of something (also connected to the illusion of happiness, security, etc.) as well as old patterns that have already emerged during childhood and have crept into his life as endless repetitions.

The more joy and curiosity we find in the simple reality that presents itself to us from second to second, the less our zest for life depends on external circumstances. Nobody can take this joy from us at that moment. This frees us from the expectations that we place on life or on certain persons. We can relax and choose freely.

“A teacher cannot give you the truth.

The truth is already in you.

You just have to open yourself – body, mind and heart. “

(Thich Nhat Hanh)

“When we leave the fear behind we come to see that death and impermanence point us to life and to living each moment with clear awareness and tenderness.”

Sonia Moriceau

Sonia Moriceau passed away peacefully on the 11th June 2013 at 12:10 midday.

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