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Long Ku – Training at Hawaii

Vision-Retreat planned in 2023

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The Vision Retreat is suitable for all those who want to work on themselves with an open visor. The training offers a completely new way to bring personal performance to an unprecedented level.

Self-image and self-confidence determine success.
Fear and weak self-esteem lead to self-sabotage. Our beliefs play a big role in our supposed weaknesses!

It’s not about fearlessness, it’s about courage. What is courage? It is courage to approach one’s own fear.

It is important that fear does not take control, enslaves and dominates us. It is crucial that we look fear in the face and overcome it.

Fears arise through conditioning and we carry them within ourselves. Some people will be accompanied by their own fears throughout the day. In the Long Ku training, tools are taught to stop the fear traders in us and to decide for courage. Our heart is originally wild, passionate, full of adventure and high spirits.

Remember: On the other side of fear is the person you actually want to be. 

Das Long Ku® – Training is a mental training and good instrument for:

  • Fear Management
  • Motivation and permanent development
  • The full exploitation of one’s own potential
  • Grow beyond one’s own limits and strengthen self-esteem
  • Develop visions
  • Live more relaxed and courageous
  • Desire for self-realization and more high spirit


  • Recognizing and dissolving fears
  • Make quick decisions
  • Solving challenging conflicts more effectively 
  • Be more successful and achieve goals
  • Better recognition of one’s own strengths and weaknesses
  • Use your own energy more actively
  • Develop your own perspectives and visions
  • Recognize and develop your own potential
  • Be clear about your own values
  • Develop a personal action plan and focus on your “own success method”

Your Body and mind will be trained and tested during this training. You will be made experiences that change your life and discover hidden potentials. You will learn methods of personal control and transformation at an elite standard.

“Are you ready for your “Life Changing”? Train with the best of the best!”

Design your exclusive Long Ku® – Training or Vision-Retreat.

Individual offers and prices on request.


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