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No conflict is hopeless.

You can change the course and solve the conflict. This is where the method of mediation helps you.

In mediation and our joint work, various practical methods can be used. Together, we will apply the appropriate ones.

Mediation is a procedure consisting of the following phases:

  • order/task/mission? clarification
  • Collection of topics – making yourself heard
  • Exploring backgrounds and interests
  • Collecting and evaluating solution proposals
  • Making agreements – thus solving your conflict

I will guide you and your session partner through the different stages of mediation. In the process, you and your counterpart will start a conversation with each other and gain a better understanding of each other’s perspective.

Mediation allows you to work out a solution acceptable to both, thus resolving your conflict.

For information regarding the prices and dates of inspiration training, please contact me personally – I am happy to get to know you and discuss the major key points important to your business. Naturally, this is complimentary and will allow me to provide you with a tailor made quote.

Dates: By telephone agreement (also possible on weekends)

Investition: 150 EUR / 60 Min. (plus the VAT currently valid)

I support the German Foundation Mediation through membership in the association of the same name.