Personal exchange teaches us to communicate, while being able to clearly set personal boundaries.

The central element of supervision is reflection. The advice seeker is supported in achieving clarification and development, based on his own findings. Supervision presupposes the willingness to design an open-ended consultation process.

The content is comprised of practical work, role and relationship dynamics between employee and client, collaboration in the team or organization. Supervision is mainly used in the medical, social, educational and therapeutic fields (social workers, educators, teachers, doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, pastors, etc.), and increasingly in business (executives) as well.


  • Developing new career prospects
  • Effective & targeted work
  • Preparing for difficult conversations
  • Reflecting and developing your leadership behavior
  • Solving difficult situations with supervisors, employees or colleagues
  • Solving difficult situations within the team
  • Motivating your team
  • being professionally accompanied by change processes

For information regarding the prices and dates of a supervision, please contact me personally – I am happy to get to know you and discuss the major key points important to your business. Naturally, this is complimentary and will allow me to provide you with a tailor made quote.

Dates: By telephone agreement (also possible on weekends)

Investition: 150 EUR / 60 Min. (plus the VAT currently valid)